2 Crows - Persica Peach


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Brewed late 2018 with a base of Pilsner malt, spelt, oats, wheat, and special aromatic malt. Soured and fermented in freshly emptied Peach Brandy barrels sourced through River Drive Cooperage -- these barrels were among the best smelling oak we've ever encountered, incredible depth of peach aroma, and still dripping wet with at least a litre of brandy still in the barrels when we got them (don't worry, we put that to good use). Allowed to sour and ferment with a host of different house sacch, lacto, and brett cultures, and conditioned for about 3 months in oak before being transferred to blending tank with the addition of a hefty dose of organic dried peaches. Left on the peaches for 2 months before being packaged with champagne yeast and allowed to bottle condition for a further 2 months.


We chose dried peaches for this brew instead of fresh peaches in order to explore the deep, rich and almost jammy elements that dried fruit can provide. We are really excited with how this translated into the beer, and will definitely be exploring this more in the future.


This beer is a whole lotta fun. Bright, lightly funky, featuring a deep jammy peach character. Firm minerality and a strong tannin structure to balance out the intense fuzzy peach notes.