3 Ravens - 55 American Pale Ale


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First brewed in 2008 to commemorate our 5th anniversary, 55 was one of the first American-influenced Pale Ales to be brewed in Australia - albeit with a multigrain twist. In keeping with the 5th birthday theme, the beer features five grains and five hops, and despite being reduced to 5% for it's last 5 or so years of production, was originally 5.5% ABV. We’ve restored the beer as best we can to its original condition and former glory. With a more complex and pronounced graininess than a classic American-style Pale Ale, the use of malted rye, oats and wheat add flavour and texture, creaminess, spiciness, tannin - making this beer unique unto itself. Flaked corn never really added much to the beer (other than a 5th grain) but for this release, we’ve sourced some malted maize to add a subtle but distinct hint of corn flavour.