16 Local Craft Tinnies - Straight to your door

The Isolation Pack

$100 $89 - Same-Day Shipping

to Melbourne Metro


16 different local craft tinnies.

  • We've pulled out all of the stops to put together the best value tinnie pack you ever did see. You'll get 16 individual beers from a range of different Aussie breweries including Bad Shepherd, Burnley Brewing, Deeds and Wolf of The Willows. Every pack is different based on current availability.

4 x Local Dark Beers (Porter, Stout, Dark Ale)

4 x Local Sour Beers (Gose, Kettle and Berliner Weisse)

4 x Local IPA (NEIPA, IIPA, IPA and Hazy)

4 x Local 'Easy' Beers (Pale Ale, Lagers, Pilsners)


Best of all - Same Day Delivery within Metro Melbourne!



Last Weeks Pack...

Easy Beers

Deeds Double Time Pale Ale

Wayward Pilsner

Tallboy & Moose Deadset Lager

Dainton Draught


3 Ravens Juicy IPA

Jetty Road IPA

Garage Project Garagista IPA

Mountain Goat IPA


La Sirene Citray Sour

Moon Dog Lagoona Matata

3 Ravens Acid Sour

Wayward Raspberry Berliner Weisse


Bad Shepherd PB Porter

Garage Project Cereal Stout

Ballistic Mexican Hot Chocolate

Wolf of The Willows Kanellbule